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New Renaissance Collection: Rebirth of an era

GoodMotiv.com celebrates the rebirth of an era with arguably it’s most exquisite collection yet. The Featured and most regarded Good Motiv collection, The New Renaissance Collection.

From darkness, comes light; a rebirth of the original Italian Renaissance era. Timeless 14th and 15th century art, embraces a new Modern-minimalist portrayal to inspire a captivating selection of motivational successories.

The New Renaissance Collection highlights historical references to motivate and awe it’s audience. With such victorious declarations, such as Julius Caesar’s famous latin phrase – Veni Vidi Vici (I came, I saw, I conquered), These modern masterpieces are sure to inspire your next conquest. In addition to moving affirmations, most of this collection features art depicting a likeness of Julius Caesar and St. Michael; Symbolic of a warrior and a fighting spirit destined to overcome any and all obstacles.

The New Renaissance collection includes a vast selection of stationary and home décor items. Top products ranging from framed prints, candles, pillows and more. Endless options for the modern-minimalist and new renaissance décor fans, to make any room, a source of inspiration. Browse, New Renaissance products and claim your victorious successories today!

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